Full Service Hardwood and Softwood Log Export
Logistics Provider.

Operating out of the Virginia Inland Port in Front Royal, Virginia, Allegheny Exports is your full service log export logistics provider. Services include debarking, waxing and container loading. Allegheny Exports is also a licensed transportation broker using DAT Freight and Analytics for posting available loads. This allows AE to provide door to door service from your location to the AE yard at Virginia Inland Port, Front Royal.

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Why Choose Us

Born from Allegheny Wood Products, Allegheny Exports has over 30 years of export logistics experience and over 45 years experience moving domestic loads.  These years of experience allow AE to tackle all of your logistics needs.

Allegheny Exports has the capacity to process at least 4000 containers of logs annually thru Front Royal Inland Port.  Once logs arrive at AE’s yard in Front Royal they can be debarked, full cover waxed or end waxed, and loaded into containers.

Patrick Pell handles all sales and customer services for Allegheny Exports. His background is in agricultural equipment and pharmaceutical sales, and he has previously worked at Allegheny Wood Products Kingwood Sawmill. Help us get to know you and your needs so we can better assist you with a high level of individual customer service.

VA Inland Port


Fully Equipped On-Site Services

With yard space of approximately 6 acres Allegheny Exports has enough space to accommodate over 400,000 board feet of logs in process.  AE is not a log storage facility, but a facility to have your already sold hardwood & softwood logs debarked, waxed, and loaded into containers. Receiving hours for inbound logs are 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Equipped with knuckle loaders, and wheel loaders AE can unload inbound logs while also loading outbound containers.  An on-site Morbark 640 log debarker allows Allegheny Exports to prepare your logs for USDA phyto inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Allegheny Exports offer log grading services?

No, AE does not offer any sort of log grading services.  Logs are to be graded and sorted by grade per load when arriving at Front Royal.

Can I store logs at the Allegheny Exports yard in Front Royal and have my customers inspect and purchase logs on-site?

No, AE is simply a “pass thru” yard offering debarking, waxing, and loading services.  The AE yard at Front Royal is not intended as an inventory and sales yard.

Does Allegheny Exports offer transportation of logs from my location to Front Royal?

Yes, being a fully licensed transportation broker, with trucks regularly available within a 300 mile radius of Front Royal, AE can arrange for delivery of your logs to our location in Front Royal.

Does Allegheny Exports have their own fleet of trucks.

No, AE does not own trucks but works closely with several reputable trucking companies to move loads.

Does Allegheny Exports arrange container bookings for the logs I want to export?

No, AE does not arrange container bookings.  AE loads your logs into containers for which you have previously made bookings.

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Virginia Inland Port

Allegheny Exports is located on approximately 6 acres at the Virginia Inland Port in Front Royal Virginia……7685 Winchester Road Front Royal Virginia.  The AE yard has easy access from Interstate 66 exit #6 via routes 340/522.  Receiving hours for inbound logs are 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.